Builder Of Fine Hand Forged Iron Ware   

Introduction , I have been A Farmer, Factory worker, foundry worker, Mechanic, Carpenter, Truck driver, Plumber, Jack Of all trades . But Blacksmithing and building Iron Ware for people Is what I most enjoy. I have made All kinds of products for Campers, Buckskinners, civil war enthusiast and for Homes.(except horse shoes) I started out with this through Black Powder Shooting And going to rendezvous,and shoots when I bought by first rivit forge in 1988 then I bought a anvil and Just kept building from there . Thank you for looking . Steve    


 My brand new used trip hammer , had to install new wood beam and 2 horse motor , Works great .

Name Tag on front of Helve Hammer , I google this but could not find any information on it .  

My shop Where it all starts .Coal Fired , And gas forge  

Power Hammer I built 

 my shop


Side of new trip hammer . makes hammer work easy .

 Helve Hammer in need of help